Buying Safex

Okay, I am new to Safex. I have BTC at Coinbase. How do I buy Safex? I am hoping to soon. I have gone through the youtube vids and can’t seem to find the correct functions. Maybe I just don’t get it, I am a little older. haha. Please let me know. Thanks.


The new Blockchain coins are Safex Token (SFT) and Safex Cash (SFX) and can be bought from Coindeal, Livecoin and Xcalibra.

To understand the difference, I suggest you read the blue paper…


You have to register at an exchange, where the new SAFEX coins (Safex Token and Safex Cash) are available. Those are, and In your exchange account you create a Bitcoin deposit address. Then you send your Bitcoin from coinbase to this deposit address. Now, you have your Bitcoin on the exchange and can buy whatever you want.

Disclaimer: coindeal has KYC (need to upload passport and proof of residence) and is not available for US customers yet. xcalibra has no open withdrawals yet. So, for the sake of simplicity as a newbie, I would go for livecoin.


Rknorr,welcome. These guy are great at noob questions. Be careful transferring btc if you haven’t done it before. Do it little bits at a time. The fees seem to be the same. If you want check out my disscution, the Skidmore files under general discussion.

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Thanks for the welcome! Okay I have BTC in my Safex wallet now. Now comes the migration??? So I see (Safex address Secret Spend Key) and (Safex address Secret View Key)??? Im not sure what these are or where to go to create them. Can someone help? Thanks Much!

I’ve read that Coinbase tracks the movements of your crypto and can suspend your account if you use an exchange without KYC like Live Coin, and other factors. Whether true or not I don’t know but I do suspect it to be.


Now you have BTC in your Safex address to cover txn costs, use this guide… Safex_101.pdf

Migrating the old Safex from the Bitcoin Blockchain to the new Safex Blockchain

You can follow the path in this video.