Buying Safex Coins from Bitstamp


Hello Safex Community,

I’m hoping to purchase Safex Coins soon from the website and send them directly to my Safex Wallet.

I will buy Bitcoin first from Bitstamp and then withdraw to buy Safex Coins from

My question is do I select Option 1 from
Do I supply my public key as the bitcoin “send to” address at the Bitstamp withdraw site and then am I done, or am I missing a step?

Kind Regards, Joe


You should first set up a safex wallet, the “send to” should be the public key that is generated on the safex wallet.

You will then be shown a payment screen where you should send bitcoins. Once the payment is confirmed you will see a success screen and within 24 hours your safex coins will arrive to the address in your safex wallet.

This is the more ideal approach to using the option 1.


Thank you Dan!

I followed your instructions and was able to make a successful purchase.

Kind Regards, Joe