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The congestion on the Bitcoin network has subsided!! that’s such good news. Now transactions fees can normalize. Let’s hope that this lasts longer. It was a recent phenomenon and I believe that it could have been a manipulated event. Bitcoin has recovered from lows rather quickly.


It seems that Classic + Unlimited Hashrate topped around 40%


Bitcoin back to all time heights.


Bitcoin more up. :stars:


Bitcoin continues its rally up. Prices at all time highs, and imo could reach $3,000 at some point in this year.


Do you think this could be the knee to the supposed bitcoin’s S-curve (Price/adoption x time)?

Interestingly the scalability discussion was forgotten… Yet no big buy volume or FOMO can be detected.


No doubt Bitcoin will continue to rise, we predicted exponential growth last summer, here it is, same as 4 years ago.

Next time, will we go to 10,000? 40,000?$

Doesn’t need FOMO for price to rise steadily at all.


Agreed, i’m just uncomfortable of the rate of it. But i can’t afirrm it would be a stead one ( = it may need a technichal correction before a big buy moviment)


100% will always be at some point a drop.


Hey, what i’ve failed to explain is that this moviment is a bit excessive.

Bitcoin is so strange that we want it not to overheat in price terms lol. If it is already at this price, with those discussions (i think we are talking about its surviviness here…)… i have nightmares thinking about big money coming in right now… I hope not!

Imagine events like Euro collapsing or an ETF… bitcoin can’t take this right now, it’s not ready…


I don’t think that Bitcoin growing to 50b$ is going to be too dangerous. Face book was valued at 50b before it reached 1b people. At least Bitcoin should reach 50b$ marketcap. This could happen imminently (next few months), bitcoin doubling.

Then perhaps a 2 years correction :wink:


Sure, mantainning this level of 1500’s. And it could be good to press solutions on scalability.

Can u imagine how high fees would be at $3.000/BTC two months from now?!

I guess the (retoric) question is: is this the knee of the S-curve or a spike with a 2-years correction?


Bitcoin @ $2000 seems imminent


BTC starting to wobble up here, could eventually take a few weeks to a couple of months before more significant rallies will continue imo.

Price is really rising because of the event surrounding Tether USD. The company operating USDT (Tether USD) is facing issues for withdrawing from Wells Fargo and thus people started to recklessly buy bitcoins on using USDT perhaps in fear that USDT could become insolvent making Bitcoins more favorable.


Bitcoin already trading over $1920 on some exchanges. Still leading to the upper edge.


Nearly over $2600 in Korea and Japan. That 2k came so soon.


Add Brazil and India in that 2600 usd list of places.


@uqaz same for everyone else now O.O


Bitcoin back to 2550 usd after a deep correction to 1700’s

Notice how insignificant looking the 2013 rally to 1,200 $ appears on the graph


Bitcoin taking a hit following recent announcement of an aggressive intention to fork bitcoin by one of the largest mining equipment providers and miners of bitcoin.