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BItcoin still holding up in the 1000’s of $; very nice progress and holding!

reminds me:


Bitcoin holding steady over 1000$


7 days later and 17% rise… go bitcoin!


Just now BTC went past $1200 on poloniex


Bitcoin wobbling around the 1100-1200 mark. Since it is an all time high the 1200 point it could be weeks before it gets broken through.


can see the backlog of bitcoin transactions here:

Also notable information is that the Bitcoin ETF is being approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission March 11th deadline.


Very strong rise for Bitcoin now $1272.00, imo in light of the ETF decision by March 11


more than 500,000 transactions stuck in the mempool of Bitcoin nodes around the world… this is what is affecting Bitcoin at this time



Bitcoin just pops up 8% in a few minutes… today hovering over 1300$

… 1335$ by the time i finished typing.

  • very volatile range, it spiked to 1080$ … that’s no cross hair


The ETF submitted by Winklevoss was denied, on many reasons related to low trading volumes compared to those required by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

It is interesting the negative comments by the Securities and Exchange Commission on Bitcoin because what it can improve to become a viable product for investments in the regulated markets.


Don’t really know what to think about this…

We could have middle-class-state-blocked money being liberated to kind of migrate to bitcoin. That’s the good part. Outsiders could have a chance to use their bloked savings in this.

In the other hand, bitcoins could be much more centralized than today, and supply would be increasily limited (reminds me Dash). Price would rise, but also, fragility of the whole system. One Nakamoto with 1MM is enough, in my opinion.

This ETF thing is not over. In the future there will be new attempts to dominate this. Let’s hope the size of bitcoin will be huge (like 10x of now) to absorve all of this.


The Commission basically described bitcoins “dwarf-size” and just expressed distaste generally.

It would have been neat to see the ETF approved because that means more kinds of funds will have the ability to trade in Bitcoin related instruments.

The commission declining does indeed protect against the centralization of Bitcoin. Imagine all the state actors now really have a vested interest in Bitcoin. At this time Bitcoin is the size of more than 80 countries, that’s a sign of its existence IMO.

ETF disapproval also could be a hamper on future altcoins demanding an ETF. It’s no big deal decentralizing away from these authorities of the old systems. Additionally, many comments were about the exchanges of Bitcoin with most liquidity being outside of the US indicates the difficulty to do business with Bitcoin in the US.


Interesting article on underlying driving force of Bitcoin and Blockchains alike.


Even after all of the whipsaw action from the ETF decision, Bitcoin is still doing alright nicely above 1200$ a piece

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This thread is great seeing BTC grow over the year. Dan, you were spot on with your analysis!


March 23, 2017 Bitcoin Unlimited is signaling activation in the last 38.3% of recent blocks. A Worldwide hard fork could take place at any time. Everyone using Bitcoins could be affected.

Bitcoin prices are fluctuating while actions are being made which will lead to an impending hard fork dividing the Bitcoin community. CoinIdol investigates the two contentious sides to understand what are the risks and if Bitcoin holders should be concerned about their situation.


Is this going to affect us (the SEC owners with Omni wallets) in some way?


@dvnp check these posts

So USDT is about 45 million $$ running on Omni, not just marketcap… actual DOllars in a bank represented with the Omni coins. And the leader of that is nearby and ready to address any issues related to any hard fork situation. So we will be OK.


Price on Bitcoin has collapsed, I think that most of this situation is FUD with what is going on in Bitcoin.