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Given the China decision, most probably not.


That’s a confirmation… I was eagerly moving out of some btc in the 720’s, looks shaky right away, many people also likely eager to have got out not to miss the boat. If it keeps rocking up that’d be great, I am content exiting some here.


Donald Trump becomes the president-elect of the United States
and the Bitcoin price reacts immediately. conducted a
survey and asked Bitcoin and Blockchain experts about possible price


Looking at bitcoin is stable now


such a staggering difference within 1 month time period.


Bitcoin over 1000$ it’s happening; a bit late after November, better late than never!


over 1150$ Bitcoin keeps rocking


Maybe it is early to stay, but bitcoin felt thr historic high.


O/M/G !


The history repeats. November 2013 and January 2017 – the graphs overlap.


Bit getting hammmered :x


Looks to me like BTC retraced to support and from here will go up; let’s see…


back up?


Bitcoin is under a spam attack right now, sent some funds last night that still have not yet arrived

some completely empty recent blocks:



Few days later, BTC still hanging on; its still in a bull run IMO


Bitcoin Next leg up?


It’s up I think it will continue and pass 1000$ again.


Bitcoin just at 1000$


Bitcoin Breaks 1,000$ each again… here it is going steady up


IMO bitcoin seems like it will continue going on up market cap is still very low only ~17 billion I think a realistic amount would be 100 billion