BTC - Bitcoin

#101 back up and trading. Top volume once again.

According to their site, they no longer will hold 100% of the funds in a hot wallet


Bitcoin down past couple of days,

I’d give it until November, in case I’m wrong about history repeating itself (rally over 1200)


Euro now introduced to crypto through


Bitcoin stagnant… still couple months before the “after the halving rally” might be bunk… still waiting to see…



Bitcoin pops 4%


Some interesting new thoughts on Bitcoin and supporting ideas for November Rally, let’s see it!


Daniel nice PR for safex, cool

“Assuming no catastrophic events take place further, I think that the price will remain stable before a rise takes place later this year,” comments Daniel Dabek, founder of Safe Exchange and curator of Alt Coin Trading Community.


I’m waiting back for the CSS file for our voting web application, then we can see if we support the future where we build our own privacy network.

And then we can promote something real over good channels.


Dally bitcoin gone over 600 now :smiley:



Bitcoin on the rise, maybe we’ll see $1k by November


September 14, 2016 - Apple embraces Bitcoin technology, permitting Circle to integrate Bitcoin payments with the iMessage app found on iOS devices. Bitcoin breaks the $600.00 mark and is maintaining that position.


Bitcoin big drop, and stagnation…


im afriad if bitcoin drops so i pull my longs


@needadime you might have saved yourself before that drop

Possibly retesting into mid 500’s, could be before the next rally up in next two months, still targeting November rallies for Bitcoin.



interesting article about bitcoin from an interview with French Banking Cryptographer employee


There goes bitcoin… near 700 November around the corner


Bitcoin keeps rolling up, maybe to $1k November month is playing out as evaluated for in previous analysis