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It went só smoothly…

The price of 580-670 seems legit, without any fuzz.


where is the big bang? hehehe

happy halving every1


check this site

bitcoin goin up


Bitcoin makes somewhat of a rally, let’s see if history repeats itself.


Analysis I had formed around the halving, complete write up article and published


BItcoin flat and stagnant all week, I anticipate a rise is in order soon


bitcoin just pop


Let’s see if the rally will sustain up to and pass 705-720 resistance level


Bitcoin generally flat after slight rally


bitcoin paint drying on the wall!!!


Week long flat line on BTC, very little fluctuation at all, perhaps upswing imminent? we’ll see of course, my theory suggests that after block reward halving bitcoin will have upward rallies so far just average price.


Wasn’t it like a couple of months after the previous halving that it rose.

This time we saw a lot of anticipation with FOMO and hyip that caused the price to rise quite high early on and maybe it will take even a little longer for the price to jump since it is part way there now. Maybe even dip first when those who bought anticipating a huge rise lose confidence that the rise will happen and sell too early.


Some people have been selling now, that’s true, and probably if on the way up people will be selling. This is what is needed so that people can get into their Long positions if they expect price to rise.

I think FOMO is what will kick in, as soon as a rally happens. A vast amount of margin traders would pile on and we can reach new near term ATH.

It was over 3 month time period… so actually it might be still right, where we just passed 3 weeks marker, and in the earlier weeks there was little to no rise which just snowballed into exponential rise. :mount_fuji:


A little pwned on Bitcoin down 5%; worst resort is “hope” that its just a shake out


And the dip, bigger than I thought though. $540 at the moment


bitfinex might be hacked for 120,000 bitcoins…


So they don’t know how much yet was stolen? And the sell off occurred before but with knowledge of the breach?


Maybe hackers sold first, then breached, then massive sell off… bitfinex is pretty much #1 bitcoin exchange by volume…

rumour is 120k is stolen, I am trying to pin down verification for that


That terrifying looking graph… I think it’s an entry point… an opportunity that prices faded so low. We’ll see what’s happening when Bitfinex returns to operations. It is after all the highest volume bitcoin/usd trading platform.


Nearly all ‘dump’ losses recovered. Sign of a strong buying market on Bitcoin imo…

Btw: confirmed ~120k bitcoins hacked off bitfinex.