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wow bitcoin got pwned this week losing a lot of % of value, yet 16 days until the halving.

My guess is still that the rally begins already after the halving of block reward, and less supply will raise the price.


So even drops to 560s and then right back to 610s over the course of a couple of hours;

quite some volatility.


The intense volatility of crypto markets: Bitcoin up another 40$ since yesterday


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I got so lucky! I sell $700.00 and buy back $600.00!


Bitcoin is up ~40% on the month though down ~11% on the week
Exactly under two weeks to go until the bitcoin block reward goes from 25 to 12.5


Bitcoin lookin’ rough there but I do think that it will keep going up from here with local support… what do you think?


Looks like inverted HnS there, means buy orders are favourable from risk reward point of view 725 is the resistance point


I still have position from $600.00. Looks interesting 12 days remaining.


Bitcoin also flatlined in the mid 600s

10 days until the reward halving


@dallyshalla bitcoin just popped!


7 days left until the halving, bull market on bitcoin already been started, we still have yet to see those euphoric pumps which I analyse from the past to take place over the next months after the halving.


My opinion: Pump to $780 into the halving, dump to $640- $680, consolidate, re-start bull in a couple of months(nov?) to new ATHs


definitely going to 5000 cny I think so; the drops will be from profit taking for sure


bitcoin break up from resistance
@dallyshalla i agree with you analysis but i think bitcoin will be much higher than $1200.00


bitcoin break to $700.00 and good reloading $650.00 :wink: Happy halving every1!



Bitcoin a flat line at the heights of its range, 2 days before the halving


12 hours remaining until the halving, imo bitcoin is looking good; but we’ll see



2 hours before the bitcoin block reward halving, price at 650 and stable most of the week, Happy halving day everyone!! :slight_smile: :sunrise:


So this is what I believe to be the start of a bull run for next few months will be awesome if it pans out like 4 years ago