BTC - Bitcoin


just about 35 days to go on halving



33 days to until halving


btc stable in 570s past several days


some kind of stability in bitcoin right now in greater than 570s

Less than a month remains in “the halvening!”


bitcoin rallies into 600s


Bitcoin hits 670$ today


Bitcoin popped up over 700$ each this week and pulled back slightly to 680s off of its heights.


Bitcoin does slight pull back to 670s and now around 690s again


its quite possible to reach 1200$ per btc before the halving


Ok, 1200 Max.

And after it picks, it comes to what in your opinion?



Based on the past, if it repeats this time the same way; price should rise above 1200, and that’s the big IF (thing repeat like 4 years ago).

At that time good time (~1200) to perhaps to take a profit into cash, maybe not all, I think bitcoin is relevant to society for long term so can keep for long term that’s true too.


Likewise man, just curious thou lol


I also recognize where if people in the bitcoin community were to liquidate their coins and use those funds to produce services with bitcoin that will expand the economy of bitcoin.

so I think there will be a feedback throughout the global around bitcoin, the new price hype would attract new participants; and already professional and world leaders are recognizing what makes bitcoin tick, and they are planning for emulating it.

So, surely it won’t be all bitcoin, yet it will always be a part of the ever expanding environment. I think so.


I think, if you don’t want to keep track of all of this, you can just split you crypto investments.

Now, i’m about 50/50 in Bitcoins x rest. And, overally, it keeps going up and up…


Bit coin is not exactly classified as cash, but I think it is a store of value; so in this case when deviating from bitcoin it’s like making an expense, even when buying paper money it is like making a direct purchase in my world view… the same as when I buy sugar for tea. Same as when spend bitcoin for paper monies.

So like this can be objective where putting “investment” in crypto atm is practically nothing except btc.

As the economy expands there will be other stores of value that’s for sure, especially as they experience utility: for example eth will be useful for contracts because some business will offer an exclusive service depending on ether; true story… look at - so dao is a company essentially that manages products such as “slock it”

^^ above is just an analysis of an existing dynamic on the horizon of what could establish yet another cash like crypto asset.


Selling bitcoin is going to be like when all the noobs sold at $100.00 and then the price went to $250.00

I don’t even pay attention and when there is big profit I take it off the table

I buy back if prices drop I did that man just at $200.00

I’m always happy with gains!


Yes, i see it also as a savings account. Just buying, not selling any.


I take the stance of a trader to each his own mate!


Bitcoin hanging on in the mid and high 700’s this week

This bitcoin halving is like watching the olympic games or something heh