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My name is Nick and I run men’s clothing store in Kenya. I want to invest in Bitcoin, so my question is that what should be the initial strategy for invest in bitcoin?


While you’re already here on Safe Exchange forum, why don’t you think about investing in Safex and also be one of the pioneers on Safex marketplace?
Your business could gain more if it’s on anonymous decentralized marketplace like Safex.
Fees are quite low (only 5%) and everyone that uses Safex cash automatically has privacy features applied to their transactions. Also, no one can interfere in your business as there are no intermediaries which is one of the best opportunities this marketplace provide.
Overall, Safex is more efficient e-commerce ecosystem than traditional ones.


Dan has been quoted in Coined Times: “Cryptocurrency trader Daniel Dabek acknowledges the possibility of a price dip, but does not expect BTC to finish below $5,526 on December 19, when CBOE expires.”


People are so caught up on the price movements of Bitcoin and Safex Cash and they forget that it’s actually a form of currency. They were originally designed to help you pay for things without banks getting involved; don’t get carried away by its price.