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BItcoin recovering price loss. Could be back on track to raise over 3000$

I am hoping for that to happen, even though I do believe that Bitcoin will decline over the course of two years steadily. But first it needs a nice peak to 4,000$ :sunrise_over_mountains:


Bitcoin took a big retrace, a likely profit taking by alt coin traders. The dynamic that I had seen is alt coins were going down a bit, and then bitcoin took a dive. This fueled more alt coining out into bitcoin and the next likely case was into FIAT.

Recently the bitcoin blocks are not full to maximum capacity with transactions (max is ~2200 txns, notice the 989, 969, 1005). With news about segwit coming up in August, I think that Bitcoin is back on is up trend to go over $3,000 :eyes:


Documenting for posterity… in just 6 weeks bitcoin has gone up ~75%

Really amazing, and super busy 6 weeks behind us for safex, wow what has bitcoin gone through.


The bears continued to be in the driver’s seat on Monday, pushing bitcoin (BTC) below $8,000 and opening the doors for a re-test of recent lows near $7,300. and on Wednesday BTC is on 7842$ with 0.67% profit.


BTC Leverage Longs 32k vs 22k Leveraged shorts. Means more pain going down right now. Until this ratio comes in we can be afraid of 5k Bitcoin. Hopefully crypto market overall stays level for now. BTC%20long%20short%20margin%20tradingBTC%20margin%20trading


Bitcoin has come such a long way:




$282 difference between the highest and the lowest price today, and that’s not even 5% of its value


Just in case you want to see real time bitcoin price on various exchanges


I noticed some strong $BTC wall patterns on Bitfinex yesterday.
As soon as the large buy walls were removed, sell walls came in at 7,8k.
Lots of manipulation



I think BTC will be in a bearish pattern until after the New Year; too many people have high expectations for the price like $50k +

On boarding new players to the market always takes some time, so we need to allow for the publicity that has been happening over the past year in crypto to take hold; eventually such people who convinced themselves that they will be members of the crypto club will come into the market. The smart money is dollar cost averaging and not going all in, all of these factors lead into the next upward wave.

Don’t forget that the last wave started at around $400 so right now it is still more than a 15x return within a year and a half. Which is outstanding and many people will eagerly cash in on it, and it is what we’re seeing now.


Hope the crypto world explodes again I just want to be a crypto millionaire sell up and move over seas for a early retirement if only we knew what would explode :slight_smile: hehehe… don’t we all…

Big month ahead for safex bring it on

Soon as it’s easier for me tobuy safex I’ll start to stock up more again


$Btc shorts look oversold


Btc down. Altcoins even more (much more). Is somebody here buying?


Of course! Crypto on sale these days! I’m buying more Safex :rocket:


I don’t know a whole lot about crypto but they all seem to follow bitcoin, once safex has its own blockchain will btc still reflect its price


Me too. I hope price will go below 200 satoshi… Right now my motto is the lower safex price the better. :upside_down_face::part_alternation_mark:


I doubt it will decouple with the mainnet, but Safex has a very high chance to follow its own route when the marketplace is up


Very well explained everything, I am glad that I found this forum.


If you are a swing trader, I think it would be good to additionally take into consideration CBOE pattern for closing futures contracts, when investing in BTC (2 weeks to 1 month). Today, CBOE pattern played out for an 8th consecutive time. Have a look: