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BItcoin recovering price loss. Could be back on track to raise over 3000$

I am hoping for that to happen, even though I do believe that Bitcoin will decline over the course of two years steadily. But first it needs a nice peak to 4,000$ :sunrise_over_mountains:


Bitcoin took a big retrace, a likely profit taking by alt coin traders. The dynamic that I had seen is alt coins were going down a bit, and then bitcoin took a dive. This fueled more alt coining out into bitcoin and the next likely case was into FIAT.

Recently the bitcoin blocks are not full to maximum capacity with transactions (max is ~2200 txns, notice the 989, 969, 1005). With news about segwit coming up in August, I think that Bitcoin is back on is up trend to go over $3,000 :eyes:


Documenting for posterity… in just 6 weeks bitcoin has gone up ~75%

Really amazing, and super busy 6 weeks behind us for safex, wow what has bitcoin gone through.


The bears continued to be in the driver’s seat on Monday, pushing bitcoin (BTC) below $8,000 and opening the doors for a re-test of recent lows near $7,300. and on Wednesday BTC is on 7842$ with 0.67% profit.