Belgrade bitcoin social meetup, Belgrade 31.08.2017


Belgrade bitcoin social meetup
Beograd 31.08.2017. Dogma Brewery

Reading the article on the recent visit of Jeff Berwick, known as Dollar Vigilante to Belgrade, I learned about the existence of SAFEX. I started with an intense study of the details of their currency and their plans.
The first thing that attracted me is that this is not just the currency, but the basis for a much bigger idea, which is an anonymously virtual market for services and goods. And the owners of SAFEX coin will receive a fee (similar to dividends) from the users of that virtual market in the form of Chille Coin. A very important point is that everything will be anonymous, only if the provider and user of the services / goods know each other. I was personally interested in this idea, because I also want to offer services on this market myself. I started buying and accumulating SAFEX. I do not currently have a large stock of money, but I’ve turned all my stock’s crypto currency into SAFEX. I also have a certain inflow of funds into crypto currencies that I regularly invest in this currency.

Why am I so convinced of the success of SAFEX?

Because I attended the Belgrade gathering of those interested in the crypto currency, and one of the organizers is a team from SAFEX. This is my first presence at these gatherings and I had the honor to meet Daniel Dabek, Maria Blesic and other team members. My first reaction was delight with all the members of the team, they acted very friendly, they did not neglect anyone. They were conducting interviews and answering questions to all attendees, I also had many questions and answered all. Before this gathering, I got a very nice opinion about the whole project, but after this gathering I am completely convinced that this will not just be a project. In my many years of experience in working and working with people, I have acquired specific knowledge to evaluate work and people, and I have seen in them knowledge, faith, desire, determination and perseverance to make all this happen. There is no longer any suspicion about them in me, nor whether the project will be completed, but it is only a matter of time when it will come to life. But since I did not enter the whole currency of the crypto currencies as a daily trader but as an investor in the future, the date of realization is not particularly important to me.

This is a very healthy story and there is no need to be impatient, because it is very important that the entire work around the project is done with high quality and with as few mistakes as possible. Since my English got rusty, I used google translate, forgive me if there are any mistakes.


Thanks for posting this @danielshaman, it was definitely awesome to meet someone from the community in person from who we first spoke in our slack channel :smiley: :city_sunrise: :cityscape: :city_sunset:


Awesome story. I got into SAFEX in much the same way (except meeting the team :drooling_face:)

Just started researching as many details of their plan I could find…low and behodl - this rocketship is fully loaded.


@DanielShaman Hello Daniel, thank you for your post. Can you please post reference to the Jeff Berwick and Safex connection. I too believe there is something big happening with Safex, Serbia, Liberland and Jeff Berwick. I enjoyed your post. Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you!


Jeff Berwick with Vit Jedlička (president of Liberland), Daniel Dabek, Marija Blesić …


Beautiful post :slight_smile: thanks for posting on our forums and for your support!!! :slight_smile:


It was a great honor for me to meet you and the members of your team :grinning: :shield:


I just found and read this article


shes on the rise up 60%


We are moving…

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haha stay calm… the non-believers will start sellling soon enough.

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