Balkaneum team


Looks like Balkaneum has a high profile blockchain developer.
What do you guys think about this? :arrow_down:


It’s said here that he was an Ethereum developer. He seems very capable


looks like Safex has more new developers… at least 6 with Daniel wow


I think this is a huge step for Safex - to put all team members on the site. Now, community and potential investors can see who is working on the project. If you check their GitHub you will see contributions from all of those developers!!! :man_technologist:

I hope they will get even more developers and non developers in next months. :merman::mermaid:‍♀️


They look very young and happy :joy: We could supply for job in their company to be happy like they are :grinning::sunglasses:


He has seductive look :heart_eyes: Is he married? :joy::sweat_smile:


hahah why not? We can try :joy:
It important that we feel young in our soul :yum::joy:


I believe in this young people
The younger you are, the more innovative and the more capable! So all I want them all the best! I believe in Safex! :relieved::baby::man_technologist::woman_technologist: