Balkaneum and Jan 16th update


Hi Boris, that is a good point. I hope you’re right and it is for multiple dev’s.


Dan mentioned in Discord that he’s focusing all his energy on hiring employees. He also said to us to look out for updates via


Don’t want to sound like a snob or smt, but Dan is running his operation from the Balkans (Serbia I think…) so I think he can afford to pay skilled ppl a bit cheaper. Even @ 10 bucks/hour he is over the average for programmers in the region. Tho, I don’t think they aren’t skilled or smt, these ppl are the powerhouse of Europe when it comes to IT services. I think Dan made a very smart calculated move when he moved there…


Fresh update (thank you Dan!):



Hopefully it all lines up with exchanges


If someone knows the amswer to my question below…

Are we supposed to be getting any updates tonight/tomorrow? Or any time soon?



Next week video of Alpha


The Balkans has been a cross roads of trade since ancient times. That is why we do it from here. We are drawing on that ancient energy that motivates us to do what we are doing.

Last year I participated in creating a company where I managed to hire 16 developers within 6 weeks. It was a pleasure to bring the opportunities and build together.

:bowing_man: Looking forward to the next few weeks as we meet so many new people who are joining us in building the future of trade and cryptocurrency :raised_hands:

So far we are an amazing group who have managed to plot the success of Safex. The Crypto Marketplace. Establish Crypto Commerce. And open trade routes for the world like never before.


Great update. Looking forward to the year ahead and many big things coming for Safex!
Thanks Dan!