Attention Miners – Prepare for the upcoming CN2/v8 Algorithm Hark Fork


This is a full week’s notice to all Safex Cash miners. The Safex Blockchain will be hard forking on the 26th November 2018 on block 61660, to the latest Cryptonote Algorithm CN2/V8.

Please read the following instructions carefully

  • You will need to confirm your selected mining software supports CN2/V8 and download the latest version.
  • For minimum downtime, you will need to be available to switch your mining software from CN1/V7 to CN2/V8 at block 61660.
  • Failure to update your mining software and switch algorithms after block 61660 will most likely result in you submitting incorrect hashes and lead to an auto-kick and ban from your pool.
  • CN2/V8 will produce a slightly lower hash rate by design, compared to CN1/V7 – do not panic. This is normal.
  • Do not switch to CN2/V8 BEFORE block 61660, or remain on CN1/V7 after block 61660

Mining Pools confirmed ready for fork:

Pool operators will need to update to the latest version of the Safex Node and Wallet RPC.

If you operate a pool and would like to confirm you are CN2/V8 ready, please email me asap –


Download XMRig CPU here.
Download XMRig Nvidia here.
Download XMRig AMD here.


  1. Extract latest XMRig ZIP file
  2. Edit config.json
  3. Change “algo”: “cryptonight” to “algo”: "cryptonight/2"
  4. All other setting should be the same as your previous config.json - same pool, username, password etc.


Download latest version of XMR-STAK here.

  1. Back up your previous XMR-Stak install - please make note of your pool, address, password etc, settings - they will be needed later.
  2. Download and extract latest version of XMR-Stak
  3. Run xmr-stak.exe - you will be given some options to follow

Do you want to use the HTTP interface? - Optional Yes or No
Please enter the currency that you want to mine - Cryptonight_v8
Pool Address - Enter the address of the pool you’re mining from
Username - This is your long Safex Cash address
Password - This can be left as “x” or used to identify your miner - E.G “Mining Rig 1”
Rig identifier for pool-side statistics - leave blank unless your pool allows it
Does this pool port support TLS/SSL? - No (unless you’re using the SSL port)
Do you want to use nicehash on this pool? - No
Do you want to use multiple pools? - No


  • Ensure you mining contract ends before block 61660 or that you cancel the contract prior to the pool switching.
  • From the main dashboard menu click For Buyers -> My Pools
  • Select the relevant Safex Cash mining pool. Click the grey Edit button
  • Under Algorithm - select Cryptonight V8
  • Everything else remains the same - press Update Pool

Going forward, you will have to start buying your hash power from the cryptonightv8 category.

Safex Cash 1 Click CPU Miner

An updated version will be released on or before the 26th November. Instructions will be given closer to the time.


@Rich.bate can you pin this topic please.


Does this change mining rewards?




no it does not; the block reward will be the same;


thx for clearing that out


Hard fork has been completed successfully! Don’t forget to update your software


So I just downloaded the 1click miner today. I’m assuming it’s ok? It’s been running for a few hours now.



If you’ve downloaded the latest version, then it will be fine.


Thank you. I downloaded this one:

I found the link on the safexnews Youtube channel (looked on but couldn’t find anything).

It says it was released 22 days ago and the fork was yesterday so I thought that it would be a problem.

Thanks for clarifying.


here is the latest release