ASIC resistant proof of work


Considered that for now we need Monero to counter asic adaptation and monero community is taking in consideration an algo that cut out gpu support would be good to start a discussion about it.
Gpu are doomed anyways, if we let asic in or if we choose the path of cpu only mining.
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Very important to be aware of this. Somehow related info by Rich here:

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We don’t necessarily need to rely on Monero for our algo updates. There are many other projects that are developing CN based algorithms that can plug in pretty easily.

We could even develop our own algorithm, but that takes dev resources away from what is the main focus right now.

Of course, as things progress, algos will be reviewed. Logistically also it’s a lot of time and effort to organise a successful hark fork.


Sure “we” can develop our own algo but not right now and in the mid term due to the amount of work needed to complete the roadmap, I was just thinking at the possibility of not having anymore asic resistant support if we choose to keep gpu mining. right now cn algo tweaks exist mostly because monero team developing the most part of it. Dont know either how efficient would be an “home made” algo or other custom ones. let’s see


Also need to consider that ASIC and FPGA resistance is handled differently. Whilst ASIC is “cheaper” in volume production, FPGA design is making real progress. It won’t be long until we see ASIC like devices and performance that can be re-programmed as algos change.

Lots of points we can discuss in this thread. Would be interesting to hear peoples points.


The neat thing is that we can adopt any hash combination in fact. For all we want we can add ethereum’s hashing mechanism. Just to help you perceive how this particular aspect can be thought of.


As long as FPGA are available to the masses then I’m all for them. Right now they aren’t and you have what Monero had something like 80% hash rate drop after they forked them off the chain. If I can get 5x or 10x the hash rate for the same electricity and space that my GPU rig uses then its kind of foolish not to use one. Hopefully they get to a point where anyone can buy one. And also where they are user friendly bc I read alot about them now as been difficult to program.


I think you are missing the point of the main reason of asic resistance. It’s not about accessibility for the masses to buy an asic or a fpga, it’s about that there are very few producers of that, bitmain for example, that having a monopoly or if we are lucky, a cartel, they can manipulate hash power, price of hardware, using for themselves the advanced tech and selling the old, unfair advantage, risk of centralization…


If samsung, amd, intel, nvidia, huawei, qualcom and some other started to compete and offering asic for mining, the risk would be mitigated. but that day is not even close.


When I say available to the masses I mean that there is more than one manufacturer. Like how GPUs are now. There are many GPU manufacturers Sapphire, MSI, ASRock, Gigibyte, NVidia, etc… When FPGAs reach that point then I don’t think they need to be blocked from mining SFX. Right now seems like we are years away from that happening. But from an efficiency standpoint I think they have a place in crypto’s future…

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Exactly! When that day comes it will be a great day for crypto! I cant wait


Yes, agree, but actually sapphire, msi, gigabyte… are not manufacturers of gpu, they just put an heatsink and often a custom pcb but actual companies that develop chips are amd and nvidia, intel with integrated on cpu… but it’s different