Amd error [ SOLVED: needed power to pci-e riser ]


Now I want to point out I did bios mod this card so I’m not sure if this could cause an issue?


Make sure you’re uninstalling the previous drivers via DDU

Once fully uninstalled, install the special blockchain drivers mentioned above.

Don’t forget to re-sign the drivers with the Pixel Patcher tool (you should have this from when you did the BIOS mods).


Ok thank you I will try all this and get back


Ok did ddu uninstall tryed to run new blockchain drivers this is the screen I got


Maybe I should wipe the hdd and completely start over?


Ok following up, the problem is fixed…I didn’t realize my pci-e riser didn’t have power supplied to it :man_facepalming:


It’s interesting though because the graphics card had power supply to it and the fans were running and the display was off of the graphics card lesson learned


Thank you rich.bate and saf3xone for the help. I hope this helps latter miners with an issue in the future. SUPPLY POWER TO THE PCI-e RISER!!! lol oh well