I am completely new to Safex and this is most likely a very stupid question but I cannot get my head around this 1click mining issue.

When I enter my Safex address from the Safex wallet I get error “ADDRESS LENGTH IS TOO SHORT”, I then created a new wallet in 1click miner but how do import the wallet generated from 1click miner. There is no .dat file in the AppData Safex1ClickMiner folder.


you might be trying to use a bitcoin key when you actually need a safex address;

there is abutton on the 1click miner that let’s you generate a new key and it shows you the two private keys as well including your address at the top


^^ this is an example of a safex address


Thank you for that answer. But how do I import the 1click wallet into the regular Safex wallet. Those private keys are not accepted when I try to import private key.


The Safex wallet is for the OLD SAFEX coin.
The 1 click miner address is for the NEW Safex Cash (SFX) and the NEW Safex token (SFT).

You cannot import your 1 click mining address into the old wallet.

Team Safex will be releasing a new wallet in the coming week/s which is for the two NEW tokens. Sit tight until then!


New one click miner v2 will have integrated wallet functions, so it will be easy for you to send/receive Safex Cash. It’s coming next week; make sure you download it