6 million SFT for sale

Hi Fellow forum members,
I am selling 6 million SFT tokens for 5 bitcoin. all inquiries are welcome.

not an outrageous request = consider buy Total: 3826 926.3 SFT for 5.5B on Livecoin

my offer is 25sat / SFT.

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Sorry, not enough.

And what is enough ?

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Currently a Safex Token is worth 0.003957 on market coin cap at the time I’m writing this. 6000000 X 0.003957= $23742 US. Bitcoin is currently trading at $9005.41. Thus, it is only worth 2.6364 Bitcoin. 5 bitcoin is outrageous.

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That is a little unfair, imo

Go to any exchange and try and buy 6m SFT. They aren’t all sitting at the current traded price. See how deep you have to push into the sell book to buy 6m and that will give you a more accurate price for a 6m buy.

But as I said… just my opinion… :man_shrugging:

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Maybe having a bit of patience is the key. I have faith in the marketplace eventuating but until then, people will not be willing to buy such a large amount when so little money is traded in the buying and selling of Safex at the moment. Once, a market place is functioning and trading volume increases, 6000000 Safex for 5 bitcoin will be a score but time will tell.

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Hi, thanks for your reply’s. Have changed my lowest asking price for the 6 million SFT tokens to 3 bitcoin, will not accept a lower offer.

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@glassonion why not put a standing order on one of the exchanges, some people might not be keen to deal over the forum.


exactly, just put a sell order of your 6M SFT at 50 sat on xcalibra.


Because the sales volumes are so low on the exchanges, it would take a long time to sell that many SFT tokens. This is a good opportunity for some one to buy a large number of SFT tokens.

If you wanted the most attention to your offer, the exchange has the most traffic, and also it is where people interested in buying are seeking intent of other traders.

How are you going to resolve a trade here? someone send you first bitcoins? then you send the tokens? you see? Much easier to resolve on the exchange.


Maybe good opportunity for you to try to sell at higher price, but not for a buyer…

chicken egg problem. volume is low, because order books are small. someone has to start. so go and fill those books. only a total of 5M SFT is for sale right now.

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The best place to advertise the position is on exchanges, because that is where people’s intent is to make purchases/sales

If you want to show to prospective buyers, there is no better place than a sell order on an exchange order book :sunrise:

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Thanks to all your advice and suggestions, i will try the exchanges.

Just telling people here, that you are going to put a sell order for said amount, on a particular exchange, at a certain date is a good way to go.
Tell them if they are interested to get ready !

Please advise on what Exchange so we can meet you there :ok_hand::gem::100::sunglasses: